May 30, 2019by Admin

13 cards game on The Rummy Round

The Rummy is the Indian game of skills played by many people, these people include students; housewives; professionals; businessmen and the retired one. In the game of Rummy, the player has to put the cards in the sequence. Today people are preferring to play the online Rummy game.

The 13 cards game required minimum 2 players to maximum 6,  where for 2 players they play with 52 cards and prepare a sequence of 4,3,3,3 cards sequence. If the player increases there will be 53 cards.

Players either 2 or maximum 6 sit around the table and play the game in clockwise format,  they have to pick the card from the closed deck or open deck and if it is useful for them to prepare a sequence, they can keep it with them and put another useless card instead of their distributed cards. In the game, layers have to prepare a set of pure sequence or consecutive cards along with 3 or 4 cards set without duplicating any set. There is a wild card or trump card also available in the deck which is a Joker card, and it helps to make any incomplete sequence to a proper sequence set. A Joker card cannot be counted among the Pure sequence, as pure sequence format is a sequence of regular cards in increasing order, as we can say A234 or 6789 is a pure sequence of the same card. If you are playing on consecutive cards sequence, you can use joker to make a complete sequence, for example, if you have a card sequence of KKK, 10JQK, 555 and 348; here in place of 348, you can use joker and make it a compete for sequence of 34Joker, which will be counted as 345 and the game is in your hand now.

There are the 1 deck and 2 deck game format, wherein 1 deck there are 2 players set who have to make a pure and impure sequence to win the game and in 2 deck game, there are 6 players where they also have to make a sequence in pure and impure sequences. The 1 deck game set is fast and in that, you are able to understand which card the opponent has already discarded and which one he required.

The Rummy Round app is the online Rummy game app where you will find the option to practice on the 13 cards game and will move as per real table game process. First, you have to select the 13 cards game after log-in and there will be 2 options you will find one is for practice and another is for a cash game. If you are good enough to go for live tables and play with real opponents you can go with cash game, where on every winning you can win a real cash rewards, which later can be withdrawn to your bank account and if you think you are having a lack of skills in playing Rummy, so you can participate in the practice game and improve your skills.

You can also watch our videos to understand the complete process of Registration, playing Card 13 game and Card 21 game, and also you can improve your skills by participating in the practice match, which definitely will give you a practical experience of playing with real opponents on the real table for real cash matches. The online Rummy game also helps you to connect with the skilled players and able to understand the moves they are using in making the match in their favour.